Historic guided walking tour of Winchester

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Dr Lillian Cespedes Gonzalez will guide you through this picturesque city that used to be the old Anglo-Saxon capital of England. The tour will last approximately 2h 30 min / 3h depending on the groups and the weather.

During this guided tour you will learn about the origins of the town, as well a seeing some important historical sites such as Winchester Castle and Great Hall (ticket included). We will also walk by Winchester Cathedral, Winchester College, the city walls, and the resting place of King Alfred’s grave in Hyde Abbey, among others.

Lillian studied medieval history in this city and university so this will be a unique experience, fitted to suit your needs, and full of the local and historical knowledge that a place like Winchester is imbued with.

“Having lived in and around Winchester for over 40 years, I found Lillian’s historical walking tour of Winchester fascinating. She had a vast knowledge of interesting facts that really contextualise Winchester. I would really recommend locals take the tour, there’s nothing like knowing more about your own environment. Utterly pleasant and warm presentation” quotes a previous customer on this tour.

The price of this experience is £25 per person. There is no charge for children aged 16 or under

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